What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM, a powerful and comprehensive customer relationship management platform, can help push businesses forward. Aside from helping users grow their businesses, the platform can also help them understand their customers and gain a better understanding of their industry. With the insights provided by Sage CRM, smart decisions can be made and businesses are motivated to succeed. Sage CRM ensures that marketing campaigns reach the right people at the right time. Sage CRM helps companies in determining which deals are the most profitable and how to provide a superior customer experience so that the company’s relationship with them remains strong, fruitful, and valuable.

Features of Sage CRM

  • Marketing Automation
  • Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting
  • Salesforce Automation
  • CRM/Marketing Automation
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Project Management
  • Social CRM

Advantages of Sage CRM

  Customer contract management: Do you need to manage many contracts? On an ongoing basis, Sage CRM makes it simple to create, file, and manage contracts. If you host your data in the Sage 100 cloud, you can also access a contract from any location. Better decision-making: Sage has many case studies and examples of businesses from a variety of industries that show how implementing a CRM has helped them increase productivity and bottom line. Coordination with remote employees: With Sage’s cloud feature, your employees are not limited to working only from the office. They can access their work dashboard from almost any internet-connected device to take sales calls, update information, add notes, share files, communicate with other employees, and more. Mobile features include: With Sage’s mobile support services, your sales force can take Sage with you wherever they go. In this manner, your sales crew isn’t limited to making sales only in the office. Updates regularly: Sage CRM wants to stay current in its business sector by releasing new updates regularly and creating informative videos about the changes on its YouTube channel to keep you informed. Drag and drop appointment calendar:  You can easily drag-and-drop your business appointments in Sage’s day view, week view, or month view, as well as fast drag-and-drop to adjust their length. Various commercial solutions: Sage CRM provides dynamic software solutions for startup costs and budgeting, invoicing, accounting, human resource management, inventory management, supply chain management, and business intelligence that can be integrated into your CRM workflow for a more connected customer ecosystem. Advanced customization: Managers and employees can personalize forms, views, calculations, and rules, as well as create custom processes to fit their needs. You can also grant individualized access to specific data and system features. Migration of Sage 100 to the cloud: Sage’s Sage 100 option provides additional advantages if you choose to host all of your data in the cloud. It allows you to have instant access to customer data from anywhere using its mobile app or desktop dashboard. Integration with Google: Sage CRM syncs with Google Contacts, Calendar, and Gmail to make scheduling and email management easier. Forecasting and reporting: Sage’s reporting and forecasting tools enable you to anticipate sales pipelines, revenue, and cash flow, as well as stage “what if” scenarios for more effective decision-making. Sage University: Sage provides valuable product templates, manuals, support, and training in a variety of languages so that you can learn the ins and outs of the program and incorporate it smoothly into your existing workflow. It also has a variety of training videos on its own YouTube channel. Integration with MailChimp: Sage CRM is designed to work in sync with MailChimp so that you never store duplicate email addresses. It allows you to easily create targeted email campaigns and track open rates. Obtain estimates more quickly: Your sales force requires quick response times, especially when working with customers over the phone. For better client support, Sage allows you to easily lookup and source estimates, as well as shipment and delivery information. Team workflow automation: Sage makes it simple and accessible for multiple teams to conduct operations more quickly and efficiently amongst themselves. Enhanced customer targeting: You can better leverage trustworthy customer insights that drive sales and close more deals with Sage’s amazing business intelligence analytics. Sage events: Sage takes pride in conducting events all year to highlight its latest CRM solutions. Because of the recent turn of events in the world, they’ve gone digital with their event schedule for quicker access. Access for developers: Sage is developer-friendly for any company with an in-house developer who wants to completely customize its CRM. Management of the sales pipeline: With Sage’s multiple pipeline management solutions, you can be confident of where your sales deals are at any time, so you’re never in the dark about the development of your sales force or the number of sales you’ll close. Product and pricing list management: Your team will always be informed of what products are in stock, as well as an up-to-date price list, allowing you to better inform prospects and respond to customer inquiries fast. Sage Marketplace: Looking for some Sage app? You may browse and shop a wide range of options on the Sage Marketplace. Some even provide a free trial period so you can test how you like it before deciding to purchase.

Disadvantages of Sage CRM

A limited number of apps are available: Unlike other all-in-one CRM platforms like Salesforce, Sage CRM offers a restricted number of compatible applications. This may indicate that some programme you’re already using is incompatible with Sage. Customer service is taking longer: While Sage has a community forum where you may communicate and trade tips and shortcuts with other Sage users, getting customer help might be a lengthy process depending on the problem you’re attempting to solve. There is no upfront pricing: Sage, unlike other CRM products on the market, does not publish its prices in easy-to-follow price plans. Instead, it requests your business details to receive a phone call. Though this sales strategy may be off-putting when looking for a CRM system, contacting one of its sales agents may be worth the extra effort if it means you can get a better price.

Sage CRM Pricing 

Though Sage does not publish its costs, publications such as G2 list the initial price as $39 per month per user. Sage CRM is a comprehensive and robust Customer Relationship Management software solution from Sage that is used in over 13,000 locations globally. It provides organizations with a single picture of all customers, prospects, and suppliers, and it can be connected with many of Sage’s accounting systems. To be sure of the actual pricing point they offer per user, you must request a callback once you are linked with one of its agents. All you have to do is give your name, organization, country, and zip code to get a callback and learn more about its CRM solutions. Before you inquire about pricing and payment options, you should become aware of Sage’s product offers. The price of Sage CRM is based on the version you select. Sage CRM is available in two editions: Sage CRM Standard and Sage CRM Advanced, with prices and functionality varying between them.   The price of the licenses changes based on whether you choose Perpetual Licence pricing or Subscription Licence pricing.   Sage CRM is a comprehensive and robust Customer Relationship Management software solution from Sage that is used in over 13,000 locations globally. It provides organizations with a single picture of all customers, prospects, and suppliers, and it can be connected with many of Sage’s accounting systems.

Integrations of Sage CRM

  • Campaign Monitor Integration
  • CloudCall Click Integration
  • eBridge Connections Accounting Integration
  • Esker Integration
  • Evolve IP Phone System Integration
  • FileHold DMS Integration
  • ForceManager Integration
  • Gem Accounts Integration
  • GoCardless Integration
  • Odyssee Sales Integration
  • Handshake Integration
  • i-snapshot Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Praxedo Integration
  • Maxemail Integration
  • Procore Integration
  • Salesfusion Integration

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