What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a popular cloud-based application for managing customer relationships. This application is essentially a repackaged version of Dynamics CRM Online, divided into multiple applications that integrate ERP and CRM solutions into a different cloud-based platform. It adds two new applications, PowerApps and Flow, that allow for some customization. PowerApps allows you to create apps for mobile devices. Flow, on the other hand, is a workflow engine that works with third-party apps.

The platform includes many integrated solutions that enable businesses to improve their lead tracking, service automation, and sales and operations by using mobile devices and other cloud-based business apps. The system is packed with powerful business solutions for increasing sales, improving customer service, and managing global financial operations. They can be used individually or as part of a tool suite. Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes many apps that are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

These apps can be used without an internet connection, and data will be synchronized once you connect to the internet. Integration with other Microsoft productivity apps such as SharePoint, Word, and Lync is also possible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations are essential because they save time and reduce the need for double entry. Through Yammer, the software provides a platform for collaboration by ensuring user interaction, allowing them to include people in projects and meetings. Users and others working on paper can see where their counterparts are working in real-time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Management
  • Customer insights
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 app for Outlook
  • Lead Management
  • Client APIs
  • Email Marketing
  • Activity sorting control
  • Process enhancements
  • Use form scripts
  • eCommerce

Advantages or Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a repackaging software that developed from the Dynamics CRM Online tool and was subsequently divided into various products. The software is unique in that ERP Dynamics and CRM solutions are bundled in a single cloud service. Flow and PowerApps can also be used to customize Microsoft Dynamics. PowerApps may be used to construct mobile applications, and the Flow workflow engine can be used to integrate third-party applications.

Execute multi-channel campaigns:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing capabilities help you enhance your marketing ROI by determining the types of messages you should send to your consumers via their preferred channels. You can also use sales and marketing analytics to find leads, nurture them, and eventually convert them to paying customers.

AI informed sales process:

Once you’ve informed yourself on AI, you’ll be able to make better business decisions. The selling and buying processes are facilitated by an AI-informed team.

Adaptable to your legacy system:

Not only is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution package flexible to your legacy system, but it also tailors your security levels to your specific requirements. And, of course, this is scalable as your company expands.

Improved customer experiences:

Microsoft Dynamics enhances the customer experience by utilizing data and analytics to create customer service that exceeds expectations, earns trust, and keeps customers engaged.

Centralize customer information:

A centralized customer information system can help your employees save time by cutting down on search and follow-up time.

Up to date analytics:

Microsoft Dynamics allows you to collect data to keep your sales team informed and up to date. Team members can make better decisions by identifying key opportunities in this manner.

Easily share sales performance:

You can always keep your employees up to date by sharing ongoing sales and key performance metrics. As a result, they can engage with the right buyers and grow your sales relationships.



A robust CRM solution with such a long list of tools and features is not going to be cheap. Depending on the solutions you seek, starting prices can be in the four-digit range.


Because of the complexity and expanded capabilities of a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics, successfully onboarding, your teams across the organization may take a little longer.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing Options

Pricing is available in different business areas, each with its own set of subcategories and corresponding prices to meet specific needs. Among these are:

FREE TRIAL Not Available
$210/user per month
From $190/user per month
$115/user per month
From $40/user per month
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Commerce
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Project Management
  • Field Service
  • Supply Chain Management


The Marketing module uses multi-channel campaigns to target prospects and increases the number of qualified leads. Companies can find and nurture leads by integrating sales and marketing departments and analyzing industry trends through web and social analytics.


All of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s core features are included in the Sales module. Companies can take priority to the right prospects, optimize the sales process, personalize customer engagement, and develop meaningful relationships. A customer dashboard provides actionable insights and predictive guidance. Companies can also improve the buying experience by displaying products in mixed reality.


The Finance and Operations module includes all of Microsoft Dynamics AX’s features. Businesses can gain access to a centralized finance dashboard that includes real-time business intelligence and embedded analytics.


The Commerce module improves store management, merchandising processes, customer satisfaction, and inventory usage.

Customer Service

The Customer Service module creates positive customer experiences across multiple channels and devices. Intelligent virtual agents provide personalized service experiences without the need for additional labor.

Human Resources (HR)

The Human Resources module helps companies in attracting top talent, improving employee performance, and streamlining HR management. It has features for onboarding new employees, streamlining HR processes, and enabling employee self-service.

Project Management

To assist businesses in successfully planning and delivering projects, the Project Management module employs a predictable and customer-centered service delivery model. It forecasts profitability, anticipates resource demands, and provides collaboration tools.

Field Service

The Field Service module makes the best use of labor resources. With mixed-reality, automation, and remote-assist tools, service technicians can become more efficient in the field.

Supply Chain Management

This module helps companies in running their manufacturing processes more efficiently. AI functionality, inventory management, and maintenance planning are one of its features.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations

Dynamics AX Integration

Dynamics GP Integration

Office 365 Integration

Dynamics NAV Integration

eCommerce Integration Integration

Sharepoint Integration

Outlook Integration

Social Media Integration

ESB Integration

Exchange Integration

Yammer Integration

One Note Integration

Power BI Integration

eCommerce Integration

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