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What is eSalesTrack?

eSalesTrack is a cloud-based customer relationship management system for small and medium-sized businesses. Sales pipelines, salesforce automation, marketing automation, real-time reporting, and analytics are essential features.

eSalesTrack also has other functions: opportunity management, contact management,  product management, quota management, activity management, task management, sales forecasting, and analytics. It includes a dashboard for tracking contacts and activity, allowing businesses to make intelligent decisions about sales processes and lead management approaches.

Customers can use sales force automation to automate sales operations and manage client relationships. It gives you a complete view of your clients and team members.

The eSalesTrack software also has a mobile version that allows sales reps to handle accounts, leads, conversations, and reports from their tablets or smartphones. Customer service is available via phone and email.

eSalesTrack Pricing

  • Free Plan: Not Available
  • Free Trial: Not Available
  • Starting Price: US$40.00 per month

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Deployment & Support


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  • Analytics/Reporting
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  • Interaction Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Mobile Access
  • CRM Software
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  • Contact Database
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  • Customer Database
  • Export/Data Import
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