What is Bitrix24 CRM?

Bitrix24 is a collaboration software designed to simplify communication and management procedures in small and large companies, as well as startups. This application provides a single and comprehensive set of tools for managing contacts, messages, emails, files, tasks, and projects. This software is unique and user-friendly because it supports both web-based and mobile applications for your iPhone or iPad devices. By registering for a Bitrix24 account, you will gain access to a variety of tools and capabilities that will allow you to use your company’s existing systems or create your apps.
You can also invite your employees to engage. Your team can operate productively under one roof while keeping track of all tasks by using the Activity Stream. Bitrix24 offers a free trial package that includes all of the major features and functionality, however, it is limited to only 12 users. When you choose the cloud-hosted premium package, you can use the software on any device. Furthermore, on-premise alternatives for accessing source codes, getting additional tools, and controlling your data are available.

Features of Bitrix24 CRM

  • Contact Management
  • Workflow
  • Calendar sharing
  • Activity Stream intranet center
  • Bulk email
  • Daily planner
  • Extranet
  • Project groups
  • CRM reports
  • Simple access assignment
  • Sales funnel
  • File sharing and versioning
  • Photo albums
  • User Profiles
  • Time management
  • Email notifications
  • Tasks
  • Company structure
  • Task reporting
  • Instant messages

Key Feature of Bitrix24 In Detail

Contact Management

Contact-capture forms are the most recent upgrades to Bitrix24 CRM’s contact and lead management features. To build a web form, you can modify an existing CRM form using the new web form designer, to which you can drag-and-drop fields such as leads, offers, contacts, company, quote, or bill. You can then name the form, give it a background and text color, and you’ve completed the basic form. The forms are then accessible and editable through the Bitrix24 CRM Activity stream.
The company has just introduced this function and will soon be releasing five pre-designed form templates as well as a queue function that lists the users in charge of web form results distribution. By entering your Google Analytics ID inside the form builder, you can easily connect the online forms to Google Analytics. If the company’s CRM includes a product catalog, individual products can be associated with the form, which can subsequently be integrated on a web page or displayed as a pop-up window.
When you first set up, you have the option of using a “Simple CRM,” which is suggested for small organizations and sales departments and transfers all inbound information immediately to the deals or contacts listings. Instead, you can go with a “Classic CRM,” which accepts inbound queries as leads (along with a separate listing) and then allows sales employees to convert them to deals or contacts.
Leads are organized by the company. You can choose between a regular list view and a Kanban view letting you easily move entries along your pipeline. Both can be easily filtered based on a variety of criteria, including source and status. When you click on an entry, the company page displays the standard contact information first. Further down, you’ll see a series of tabs that allow you to access additional data, such as activities or products or services that can be used to that item, such as automatically triggered rules or actions workflow automation is included in the Standard $99 plan.


Benefits of Bitrix24 CRM


Flexible Pricing Options

Bitrix24 is offered in a variety of pricing plans. Paid plans give users access to all of the application’s features and functions, as well as additional online storage. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from the free, plus, standard, and professional plans.

Secure Communications

Using reliable and secure features, Bitrix24 enables you to handle both internal and external communications. This platform provides intranet features such as wiki, files, discussions, email notifications, tasks, photo galleries, and more. You can use this software to make and receive virtual phone calls. Meanwhile, to proceed, social searches need access permissions.

Using Management Tools to Improve Company Structure

Bitrix24’s products are created to help you speed up, simplify, and enhance your business operations. It includes a multitude of management tools such as time monitoring, planning, employee directory, task reporting, work check-in/out, employee directory, and absence chart. Users can access time management tools such as calendars, meeting managers, and event schedulers thanks to Outlook and CalDAV sync. WebDAV versions and flexible permission features are available in Bitrix24’s document libraries.

Ability for Integration

CRM integration allows your company to centralize information, activities, projects, and tasks all in one place.
Because Bitrix24 is so robust, you don’t need to use many applications to solve different problems. This tool allows you to upload and share files with your coworkers. Overall, the application makes it easier to handle tasks and timetables, as well as save data.

Pricing of Bitrix24 CRM

FREE TRIAL Yes, Available
PLUS    $39/month
STANDARD  $99/month


Bitrix24 CRM provides a free 30 day trial of its premium Professional plan and $99 a month for unlimited users, and you will need all 30 days to discover all of the capabilities this service provides. There is also a free subscription that includes support for 12 people, 5 GB of cloud storage, and access to essential CRM, task management, and document management tools. Communication tools, on the other hand, are free for limitless users. All communication and collaboration features inside Bitrix24 CRM—activity stream, workgroups, instant messaging (IM) and group chats, email, telephony, mobile, employee directory, and the corporate structure directory—are available to unlimited users for free.
The Plus option $39 a month for up to 24 people offers 24 GB of storage as well as CRM record conversions, modification history, and access logs, as well as a list view with more than 500 entries. The Standard plan ($99 per month) allows for an unlimited number of internal and external users, 100 GB of storage, and the use of your logo. Unlimited online storage, work reports, time management tools, meetings and briefings, records management, and the flexibility to use your domain name are all included in the Professional plan ($199 a month). The $99 and $199 plans seem to be expensive, but they include limitless users. CRM systems that cost between $12 and $15 per month per employee can easily add up.
When you sign up for Bitrix24 CRM, you name your network and view your Activity Stream right away. This stream is extremely similar to Facebook, and it even allows you to compose a message to display to the rest of your network at the top of the page. You may also share files, events, processes, and other items with your teammates by uploading them. It is simple to add new users to your network. Simply navigate to the Company section, select Employees, and then click Invite User. You will be able to choose which departments and groups each employee can have access to.


Integration of Bitrix24 CRM

  • Google Drive Integration
  • Gmail Integration
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • MS Office Integration
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Office 365 Integration
  • MS OneDrive Integration
  • MS Exchange Integration
  • MS Active Directory and LDAP Integration
  • OpenOffice Integration
  • LibreOffice Integration
  • Box Integration
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Xero Integration
  • Unisender Integration
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • IBM Lotus Notes Integration
  • Mailigen Integration

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